Posted on: August 21, 2010 2:57 am

#20 retired instead of #51????

So I have thought alot about the Dbacks retiring Luis Gonzalez's number. I never liked Gonzo, I didn't think he was a spectacular player. He was a great PR guy but baseball player not really. Alot of people will disagree with that comment but come on really, he had one good season where he hit 57 HR and an AVG of .325. Which I would argue that he had some help with some sort of enhancement drugs. Come on he was a .283 lifetime hitter, and the 8 years he was with the Dbacks he was a .273 hitter. I could throw my stats out there but I won't waste your time with them.

My point is there were plenty of players that did much better for the Dbacks than him. Just because he missed the pitch in the 7th game of the 2001 World Series and hit a shallow pop fly to the outfield and dropped in, everyone acts like he won the whole series for the Dbacks by himself.What about the great pitching dou the had. What about Randy Johnson who threw in 3 games, he started the 2nd game and the 6th game and then came into the 7th game and threw relief for Curt Schilling who also threw in 3 games. Johnson ends the series with a 3-0 record and 19 strikeouts, first MLB pitcher to win 3 games in the post season since Mickey Lolich did it in 1968. Not to mention Johnson also won the NL CY Young award in 2001 and shared World Series MVP honors with Schilling .

So again I ask WHY did we retire number 20 instead of number 51?

I just don't understand the reasons....
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Posted on: March 19, 2008 8:42 pm

Can you smell Baseball in the air?

It is time once again to kick off another fantastic season of BASEBALL!!!

I would like to know who everyone thinks is going to be in the SERIES this year?

I put my vote down for the Dbacks and their beautiful pitching staff. I am also going to throw it out that B.Webb is my pick for the NL CY Young award!! I thought he should of got it last year, I understand he needs to share with others. I forgot to mention the Dbacks and the best outfielding staff in the NL West.. wait i am going to say the best in the National League!!

So who is going to hold the AL/NL title this year?

Who are the Cy Young winners?

Who will win the honors of the AL/NL MVP?

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